Approach staffs provide part-time guide service. Sorry we all have to keep our jobs to feed the families, so you may feel free to ask for recommendations if our service is not available. Approach staffs have been many countries, U.S., U.K., NZ, German, Czech, Japan, Malaysia, China, for fly fishing. And we have been taking numbers of friends go fly fishing in Taiwan in last two decades.
We do recommend you have some discussion and allow us to choose the trip that will best fit you. And we provide tackles and flies for you. Please contact us for booking your reservations and for any questions through email,

Below are possible target fish in different seasons. A single day trip, from AM 09:00 to PM 04:30, will cost you NT$4500. All our trips provide transportation to and from the river. Our full day trips offer a lunch.

Spring(Mar.~May): Zacco and Large-eye Chinese bream
Summer(Jun.~Aug.): Creek fishing and baby Tarpon
Fall(Sep.~Nov.): Baby Tarpon, Zacco,
Winter(Dec.~Feb.): Carp



Taiwan, or Formosa you may call, is surrounded by saltwater with 3/4 of the landscape covered by mountains and hills, and is located within both subtropical and tropical area. In terms of game fish, the word “Taiwan” can be interpreted as “Specie Variations”. Yes, Taiwan fly fishing provides tons of possibilities and imaginations. For its high altitude variations and subtropical weather, Taiwan generates game fish species with high fertility. Competition makes fish eager to bite on baits while high fishing pressure makes them sophisticated. Casting flies is Taiwan can be promising but also can be challenging! Fishing license or permits are not required here. However, fishing is not allowed in all National Parks and some of the fishing-prohibited streams. Please kindly be reminded to check any warning signs or ask the locals before you happily stepping into these areas with your fly rods. Some of the streams may looked ideal on google map, however, with the distinct dry/rain season in Taiwan, and sometimes the industrial water supply policy of the government, water can be very low/rush to make us to feel sorry for any promising fishing trip. So it would be a best idea to ask locals before you arrange your fishing trip in Taiwan.


We do remind you, Taiwan do hit by typhoon and heavy storm. We will try any alternatives but reserve the right to cancel the trip if there are safety concerns for both clients and guides.